Max Cooper - Balance 030 [2 x vinyl] - Mesh

Max Cooper - Balance 030 [2 x vinyl]

A stunning addition to the long-running DJ mix series

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Tracklisting (2LP version):

A1 Bing and Ruth – The How of it Sped

A2 Nils Frahm – For (Max Cooper Remix)

B1 Max Cooper – Music of the Tides

B2 Rob Clouth – Shedding Layers

C1 Max Cooper – Resynthesis

C2 Com Truise – Ternary

C3 Kimyan Law – Luba

C4 Max Cooper – Balance (Perc Tool)

D1 Rob Clouth – Transition (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix)

D2 Alix Perez – Blips

D3 Atoms for Peace – Default

D4 Vaetxh – Unfolding Mechanism

About the Balance compilation:

During this incredible 118-minute odyssey you’ll hear field recordings, brooding soundscapes, hypnotic piano modulations, deep atmospheric techno, heavenly melodies, glitchy electro-pop, hazy ambient passages, ravey breakbeats, glitchy drum & bass and even some Thom Yorke, Nils Frahm and Tim Hecker. Complex yet succinct, by turns expansive and intimate, it’s the portrait of an ever-evolving artist with a wide gaze, and it’s one hell of a listen.

Balance has long been a series that elicits the greatest efforts and most original thinking from artists when it comes to the concept of what we know as a DJ mix. In a world where anyone can easily cobble together a mix via a myriad of tools, it takes increasing amounts of innovation to truly stand out. Max Cooper’s blend of the artistic and scientific schools of thought have steadily built him up to become one of the standout electronic musicians of his generation.

[ships from Australia]